During my junior and senior years at the University of Michigan, I led the production of a Michigan Daily football book called Michigan Football: A History of the Nation’s Winningest Program. The book includes photos and articles about the University of Michigan’s football team, coaches and fans that were printed in the Daily since 1890.

The Michigan Daily is selling an exclusive hard cover version of the book for $39.95. All proceeds support the student journalists on staff. To order a book, visit

A soft cover version is available for $24.95 in campus bookstores. You can also order it online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For more information on how to order a book, visit Contact with questions.


“For fans who live and die with every tick of the scoreboard in the Big House, this is a stroll through a funhouse of memories, from gruesome to awesome. By collecting the actual clips that were written when each moment takes place, the editors take you back in time through the vernacular prose of the day, and to the memory of when you relived every Big Blue moment in the next day’s Daily.”

— Gary Hoenig, ESPN Publishing general manager and editorial director


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